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Important Information

All data supplied within is meant as a guide only, all possible care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the data is true and correct at the time of entry.

Please note that the wheel nut / bolt torque settings set out within are a guide ONLY. 

The specifications are based primarily on the Vehicle Manufactures guidelines, if in any doubt please consult your Owner’s Manual these specifications can be found mainly in the back section under Capacities or how to change a Tyre. 

Please NOTE where there are two settings listed ( IE 88-108 NM ) your first Torque of the wheel nuts / bolts should be done at 88 NM followed by a final Torque of 108 NM to complete to value of the settings. 

Please NOTE in some cases where a Vehicle has a single Centre Locking Nut instead of standard wheel nut / bolt set up ( IE some Porsche models & Supercars ) it is recommended the Vehicle be checked by your nearest Dealer for accuracy.